Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- Jan 23rd, 2012

Hello world! Sorry for being mute for over a month. Somehow blogging never made it on the top of my priority list and thus got dropped. To be completely host, menu planning even got pushed to the back burner and was only a vague outline in my head. Good thing its soup season and thus we tend to have leftovers to feed us. Sadly that means I'm starting to get tired of chili and cheese corn chowder (my staple soups).  And its not even February yet. Even without a lot of snow I'm somehow done with winter, if for no other reason than I miss fresh green, crunchy veggies (oh and summer fruits too). And to make it all even sadder, I lost all my frozen berries when our refrigerator died on us. We have a shiny new black fridge but no more frozen strawberries or blueberries. In other food news, I have successfully used my new pasta cutter for my kitchen-aide (my Christmas gift from my father! Thank you Papa). I made Gluten free egg noodles for chicken and noodle soup. We all loved it. In fact I think I'll make it again late  in the week if we have leftover chicken. :) I had taken a picture of our noodle soup, but have yet to upload it. And I'm lazy right now and don't feel like searching the house for the camera. Another post maybe.
In family news we are all doing pretty good. Aiden just came down the stairs in tears but Homer has proved to be a fine distraction and is currently curled on the couch letting Aiden pet him. Even if that cat seems to love Mark more than me, I can't argue that he is a fine cat for all the torment he puts up from the boys. He even seems to like Aiden when the kid is calmer and not chasing and screaming after him. Of course being two those moments are rare and short.
Ian and Cai are both still loving preschool. Mother's Night is this week. Last night I went to the school with Ian and tonight is Cai's turn. I'm enjoying the one on one time with them as those moments are so rare. Especially since currently everyone is in a "We love Dad" stage. When Dad is home the boys want very little to do with me, unless of course they are hurt or upset with Dad for some mean thing he has done. ;) I'm sure I could say more, but as I try to keep my updates on menu post shorter I'll just end it there. If I'm feeling motivated I'll post a longer update soon.
Ok on to my menu for the week-

Monday: Cheese Corn Chowder with biscuits
Tuesday: Ethiopian Lentil bowl (from Simply in Season) I should note that while the recipe calls for red lentils I just used brown lentils cause that's what I had.
Wednesday: Oven Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, and maybe homemade bread
Thursday: Chicken and noodle soup (if there is leftover chicken) or some other soup
Friday: Eat at my mother-in-law's (I'm heading out with the Jr. Youth at church for Winter Retreat shortly following dinner)
Saturday: Mark's in charge- I'm at Winter Retreat :)
Sunday: Something simple as I'm sure I'll be tired out from running after Jr. High Kids all weekend :)

Ok so if you want more menus head over to Organizing Junkie. I'll try to post more frequently that I have been, or at least start back up with my Menu posts. But now its time for me to check on dinner. Happy cooking and eating!!