Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too quickly

Aiden is racing to catch up with his brothers. And mama is not too happy about it. Too quickly he seems to be developing and growing. At six, almost seven months the boy has two teeth and is scooting across my floor. That's right he is moving. And pretty well considering he is not up on his knees yet. But that's soon to come. He is already up on his hands and knees doing the pre-crawl rocking. Than he shoots himself forward onto his stomach and pushes with his feet to move forward. Being that he wants to do what the older boys are doing, he's goal is always to move into the middle of their play. As if I had a hard enough time keep him safe around them before. It's scary to watch him grow so fast. I'm so not ready for a mobile baby. However it is sure fun to watch all the boys interact. Ian especially can get Aiden to smile and giggle with just a look. :)

In addition to the moving and the teething, Aiden has been joining the family at the dinner table. I picked up a high chair at a garage sale before my KS trip (we choose not to move ours b/c it was bulky and we never liked it very much, but it was free). And once the spoon stop satisfying his interest I decided it was time to try some solid food. It's so fun watching his expressions. But he sure does seem to enjoy eating. I gave him banana while I was in KS. He didn't like it very much. In fact he would hardly take a second bite the couple times I offered. But once we got back I gave him butternut squash.
The first bite always gets a grimace, then he always opens for more. In fact I would guess he actually likes it :). While I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby to being eating, it sure is fun to watch him explore the world of food. Now I understand why my parents always told me to stop growing. If I could slow time I would. I'm so not ready for my babies to get bigger.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- May 24th

So I thought it was time to start posting menu plans again. I've actually been making my menu but haven't gotten around to posting them. I apologize. Really it doesn't take much I've just been lazy. Last's week menu got jumbled up alot because I had sick kids for part of the week and then I was sick. But other than lingering coughs, everyone seems to be healthy again. :) So here is this weeks menu.

Tonight- Monday: Homemade Hamburger Helper
Tuesday: Asparagus pesto on egg noodles
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Grilled Hamburgers, baked beans
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Chicken curry over rice
Sunday: leftovers or breakfast

What are you eating this week?

Still in need of ideas? Go on over to Organizing Junkie. Lots of
menus to browse. I could get lost in the yummy goodness I find :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Chief

We have safely returned to Goshen. And while I was hoping to settle into some resemblance of a routine, it has yet happen. Of course it is hard to settle back into routine when we didn't have one to begin with prior to leaving. :) We did visit the Chief on Sunday after we returned. Mark's brother helped him fix up a bike while we were gone. So we even rode down. I had the older two in the trailer and Aiden was on Mark's back. We have an infant seat but not the attachment parts.
The Chief is a great ice cream place that opens every summer here in Goshen. They make their own ice cream and each week have a special flavor. This week's was German Chocolate I think. I had the Cafe Mocha Stick sundae. Yummy!!! Ian's current favorite is Blue Moon, which I guess sorta tastes like cotton candy or berrieish. Of course we have only been a hand full of times and at most he has tried four different flavors. Mark's all time favorite is lemon. It is so refreshing. Cai seemed to enjoy it when he wasn't trying to steal my whipped topping. This Chief trip was especially fun because it was the first time we have gone with Mark's family this year. Everyone but Mark's brother and fiancée were there. We all rode together, ate ice cream, laughed and talked while the boys played.It was a great way to start the week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The ups and downs of spring

Looking at the blue sky today after the crazy storms that passed through Wichita, KS last night I'm reminded of how fast weather can change. Spring storms are certainly among us, not just in KS but back home in Goshen as well. While it was clear for our move, it has rained alot. Not that I would expect any less for late April/ early May. And while I would often look at the clouds and long for the sun, I realized that it is a taste of weather to come. I'm not in KS anymore. :( (Ok so I currently am, but not for long)
It does make me appreciate the sun just alittle more. And while I never thought I would long for warmth that can be KS Spring, I do. Even just the 10 degree difference between KS and IN average temperatures for May makes a difference. I must admit I was looking forward to 80 degrees when I was here in Wichita. Sadly, we have only seen two days with temps that high. The rest of our days have been in the high 60s sometimes low 70s. :( To say I've been disappointed is an understatement. Although in the case of the T-storms last night it was a blessing. Had the temperature been warmer we might have had the hail and larger tornadoes they were predicting. As it was there was a tornado that touched ground west of Wichita but quickly dissipated. Anyway, before this trip I was trying to get outside on nice days. Although I'm finding it much harder than when were in Newton. Our backyard is not fenced. We don't have the swing set up yet. Nor the sandbox filled. Although both did make it to Goshen. And we live on Main Street, which is even busier than normal due to construction rerouting traffic. On top of that we live on an alley that is used semi-regularly. All together that makes me more nervous to be outside playing than I'm used to being. I'm sure with time I get use to it. But right now it's hard to convince myself to play out in our yard with the kids. Even if I am desperate to soak up what little sun we get.
However, we have done just that. One day, Aiden swung, (I put his swing in the tree) Ian and Cai played kick ball rode down the driveway on riding toys, and I tried to start on the garage. Not that I got very far. Although Mark stated today that I could actually get the van in the garage now. Although he doesn't want me to because the garage door is broken.
All and all we enjoyed being outside in our own yard.
Have a bragged about this find yet. I found a Klean Kanteen for 79 cents at Salvation Army. I was so excited.

Hope everyone else is soaking up the Spring sun when it comes out and enjoying the spring showers that pass their way. :)

My brother's a college graduate!

You are getting a post sooner than I originally thought. I'm patting myself on the back for being so quick with it. But somehow I just couldn't wait any longer to shout this news. My little brother is a college graduate!!!!! I'm so proud of him. Really, truly. And even though I had cranky kids during the ceremony due to the fact it landed right after nap time, which they did not get cause we had lunch with my friend Katie, I was so happy to be there to celebrate with him. After graduation we all went to celebrate at a great Mexican restaurant that my aunt loves. Really it was a great day. Now that my brother has his BA in physic, well it time to pursue his passion: Writing fiction. I think he is a pretty good writer, just has to find his story. Of course I could be bias. I am his sister after all :). Good Luck Josh! I wish you the best in everything you do. And don't forget how proud I am to call you my brother.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just a Quick Note

So my wonderful, loving mother was commenting about how I had not updated my blog. And she, as per usual, is right. Life with the move, settling in and all that craziness has been busy. And I haven't not found the time or energy to sit down to blog. Currently I'm back in Kansas getting ready to celebrate my brother's college graduation on Saturday. I'll be heading back to Indiana next week. I hope to start regular posts sometime after I return to IN. However, here is my apology in advance if it takes some time for that to happen. Know that I will be returning. But it might take life to be on routine for it to happen. Take care till then. :)