Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- March 26th

I should just start calling this Menu Plan Tuesday, because that seems to be when I get around to posting. But it just doesn't have the same ring to it. Plus all my buttons say Menu Plan Monday. Oh well. It is what it is I guess. We are back to normal spring weather around here: 50s and 60s. After the high 70s and low 80s of last week it is down right cold. I can't decide if I miss the oddly warmer weather or if I'm just grateful we got to spend so much time outside. On the upside, my brother-in-law came and tilled up my garden tonight. So it is ready for planting when the time comes! Sadly we lost one of our fish. Being that it was in the shallower pond I'm afraid it was due to the drop in temperature. Anyway on to our menu. Pretty simple this week. No new recipes. Maybe next week :)

Monday: soup from the freezer
Tuesday: spaghetti with tomato sauce and peas
 Wednesday: Chili- maybe corn bread?
Thursday: Quiche
Friday: Potato Soup or Cheese corn chowder
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: simple supper

As always I encourage you to wander over to Organizing Junkie for more menus. Happy menu planning!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- March 19th

Happy Spring everyone! I've been enjoying our unusually warm weather. I bet I've spent most afternoons outside working on our yard and just enjoying the flowers and greeness. My daffodils are all in bloom and are beautiful. I even brought some in for my table today. :) We now have fish in our pond too. Which is lots of fun for the boys to watch. They are still very little, so you have to look for them. But it is somewhat of a game to see if we can find them every time we go out. Oh the joys of warmer weather. Ok here is the menu this week.

Monday: Spaghetti and corn
Tuesday: Coconut Milk Curry over rice
Wednesday: leftovers (I'm eating soup and bread with the Lenten Prayers group at church)
Thursday: Some friends from college are coming over for dinner- Sausage and Butternut squash over rice (from Simply in Season)
Friday: Chili
Saturday: Quiche? Leftovers?
Sunday: Popcorn and Cheese? Breakfast? Other simple supper

What are you eating this week? For more menus visit Organizing Junkie.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Signs of Spring

Spring is clearly on it's way. The weather is warmer (today 's high is to get up to 77!), the sun seems to be making more of an appearance, and I have even gotten to enjoy blue skies. And of course we have been spending more time outside
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. I've been trying to do yard work, starting with cleaning out flower beds and getting my garden ready for when I can start planting. It's slow work, and feels so overwhelming it's hard to keep going. But I'm taking everything one section at a time, starting with small areas and some of the smaller beds.
Small flower bed by house. I didn't think to take a before picture

 Our yard sure has a lot of landscaping to maintain. However I'm sure once we get a rhythm it will look beautiful. Already the flowers are growing without any help on my part. :) Yeah!!!!!!
Flowers found in raised bed last week
Flowers in same raised bed this week :) Oh how they have multiplied 

Also Aiden has learned to peddle his tricycle so playing outside has gotten even more fun for him.
Look at him go :)

 And don't forget about the appearance of the toad hiding among all the dead leaves and grass. Oh what fun to watch him hop around.
We had to feel how bumpy he was. The boys named him although now I can't remember what his name is. 

 Spring is coming. And we are welcoming it with open arms.

Menu Plan Monday- March 12th

Yes it's Wednesday. And yes it's been awhile since I last posted. But hey that's me. And hey I'm posting now.  So two weeks ago we ended up with lots of leftovers, thus we ate leftovers all weekend starting on Friday. Actually Sunday might have been popcorn, apple and cheese. I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure that was the night we watched Cars 2. It was fun. Ian liked it, but Cai says it was kinda scary and he don't think he wants to see it again. It was very action packed being that it was a spy movie. Oh well. For the most part we all enjoyed it, even if it might be months or even years before we watch it again. :) Last week was sorta a cook what I had available and what I felt up to cooking. I can't even remember what I made to be honest. This week I have a plan. Really I do. Again we are kinda eating what we have around, which to be honest is becoming slime pickings. I need to get to the store, but sadly Aiden and Cai are sick with coughs and fevers and I haven't wanted to brave going out with them being sick and clingy. So shopping will have to wait till the fevers break. I sure does make cooking interesting. So here is the menu.

Monday: Taco salad
Tuesday: Cheese Corn Chowder
Wednesday: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos (from Simply in Season)
Thursday:  Pasta with Kale and Chickpeas (from Recipes from the Root Cellar)
Friday: Spaghetti and side veggie
Saturday: Chili?
Sunday: Leftovers or quiche

For more menus visit Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday blog post