Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (Oct 26th)

Well last week went well. I forgot to plan a meal for Monday. But we ended up pulling out one of my frozen soups one night and eating out another, meaning I didn't make the sweet potato burritos. Rather than make the burritos, I used the sweet potatoes for quesadillas instead. They were great. Although Ian insisted he didn't like them. We're still waiting on baby to arrive. Just a week until due date, so basically any day now. My doctor was out of town this weekend, so in many ways I'm glad I didn't go into labor while she was gone. However she comes back this evening, so I would rather like baby to come sooner rather than later :). Of course, my mother says as long as I don't go into labor Thursday night. She has tickets to Wicked. I really want her to see it too. She is going to love it! I've planned out this weeks menu. However, in many ways I'm hoping I don't get to most of it :). Being that Halloween is Saturday, I found some fun themed meals. I"m sorta excited about them. And will be slighty disappointed to not use them if baby comes. But then again, there is always next year. I think we are mostly set for costumes. Ian is going to be Elmo. A friend of his gave him an Elmo costume he had outgrown. It's wonderful. Cai is going to be a goldfish. I'm pretty proud of this idea, although I'm still putting it together. It came from the fact that Elmo has a pet goldfish, we have lots of orange clothes for Cai, and well I couldn't seem to find a 12-18 mo costume at the second hand stores in town :(. Hopefully with everything put together, both boys will be adorable. Ok, below is this weeks menu. Wish us luck. Hopefully baby will come quickly and everyone will be healthy. Also, keep the boys, my mom and my step-dad in your prayers. The boys aren't allowed on the unit at the hosptial due to all the flu going around. So this will be the longest period Cai and I go without each other. And it is most likely the longest period Ian will have without seeing me for even a few hours. When Cai was born he was able to come visit. I'm positive everything will be fine. But being away from them makes me nervous. What can I say, I'm a mom :)

Ok, once again here is the plan.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes with broccoli side
Wednesday: Church meal
Thursday: Witch's Hat Soup
Friday: Worms for Brains, veggie side
Saturday: Leftovers or such
Sunday: Church potluck (Lunch); Breakfast dinner
Monday: Pumpkin Corn Soup with corn bread muffins

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (Oct 19th)

Once again I'm late posting our menu plan. Last week I never did get it up. Although I did have our meals planned out. I now have around 8 to 10 meals in my freezer. One thanks to the wife of Mark's coworker. She sent a box with soup, two loafs of bread, cookies, homemade applesauce and jam. I'm so thankful for this. We froze the soup and one of the loafs. The applesauce and jam our in the pantry. And we have been enjoying the other loaf of bread and cookies :). I've been trying to make soups and casseroles (or other dishes that serve lots) in order to freeze half of it. Mark and I were talking last night and we figure we will be good for meals for at last a month if not more. Between what I've frozen, family being around to help cook, and meals from both our church and my La Leche League group, I don't think I'll have to cook for awhile once baby is here!
Update on baby. I'm having braxten hicks contractions every day now. Usually more in the evenings, but the last couple of days in the mornings and afternoon as well. Today at my appointment my doctor said I could potentially go into labor anyday. And being 38 weeks that's ok by me. I'm just hoping to hold out until after tonight. Mark and I are going to Wicked tonight in Wichita! I'm so excited. I love this musical. :)

Ok here is the menu for this week.
Tuesday: Four-layer Casserole
Wednesday: Church meal at mom's church (Mom is babysitting tonight)
Thursday: Super Six-layer Casserole
Friday: Black bean and Sweet Potato Burritos
Saturday: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry
Sunday: Breakfast dinner

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kittens and Pumpkins

Some friends of ours always have lots of kitties running around their house. They live out in the country and mama cat always seems to have a litter. Last year they gave away one of their mama cats. But this year the female they had kept got pregnant again. So once again they have kitten! Ian loves going over to see them.
This cute kitten reminds me so much of my childhood cat Miss Priss. Her coat is a beautiful gray and she just seemed to love me. I was groomed much of the time we were there. :) Oh how I wanted to take her home.

After we visited the kittens, we decided to go find Papa's Pumpkin Patch, a local pumpkin patch north of town, we had heard about. We weren't sure when it was open, so we thought we would just locate it and then come back another time. Turns out it was open!

There was a slide to enjoy.
A big loader to admire :)
Corn to play in.
Sunshine to soak up.

And of course, the perfect pumpkin to find!
All and all it was a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- Oct 5th

Our house is still filled with sick kids and sick adults. Everyone seems to have a cold. In fact the boys have croup. Not fun. Yesterday, instead of what was planned, Mark picked up chicken noodle soup from Panera Bread while he was in Wichita picking up pant touch up for our car (which we are getting ready to sell to a friend of ours). It was perfect for all our scratchy throats.
We were able to enjoy Fall Fest though (thankfully). It was fun to run into friends whom we haven't seem in awhile. Unfortunately it drained us all. And we haven't quite recovered. This week will be soup week for meals. One in hopes of helping us all feel better. Two, because the weather has been cooling down. Three because I'm hoping to make things simple. :) And four, because we have four weeks left till my due date and I'm hoping to freeze some of the soup for easy meals onces the little is here. Four weeks!!!!! I'm freaking out alittle. Wish me luck on trying to make sure everything is ready.

Tuesday: Hearty Broccoli Soup
Wednesday: church meal (or leftovers if we don't make it)
Thursday: Tangy Carrot Chowder
Friday:Chicken Vegetable Soup
Saturday:Sweet Potato Lentil Stew Recipe
Sunday: Hearty Black Bean Soup
Monday: Curried Carrot Soup

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