Monday, December 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Dec 20th

Well another week gone and a new one started. Hard to believe we celebrated the 4th Sunday of Advent already. Christmas is Saturday! And we are traveling to Kansas. I'm so excited! Besides stressing out about getting everything ready and then stressing out about how well my boys will be in the car, I'm pumped to see my family and friends back in Kansas. I've missed them so much. So this weeks meals are all trying to clean out our fridge. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully I get a chance to sit down and post next week about our holiday celebrations.

Monday: Autumn Veggie Soup with Pumpkin corn bread
Tuesday: leftover 7 layer casserole
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: eating out/ on the road
Friday: on the road
Saturday: Christmas at my Mother's :)
Sunday: Mom's Boxing Day Open House

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cai's first stitches (or rather glue)

Well I knew that eventually we would get here. With three active boys, there was not way to get around the eventual deep scrap or cut. I was just hoping for a few more years before this kind of scare happened. Today while out shopping, Cai had a fight with a door and lost. We were headed into Once Upon a Child (a great kids consignment shop) and when I opened the door Cai ran right into it. He falls back and the next thing I know he is bleeding considerably. They always say head injuries bleed alot. I was so scared. Luckily everyone at the store was very helpful. A nice woman held Aiden for me (and Aiden didn't fuss). Someone got me paper towels to help stop the bleeding. And after I got a band-aid on I got everyone into the car and drove to the doctors. Turns out that it wasn't too deep. The doctor ended up using glue because it's easier with kids (no needles and such). Cai was so brave. He laid still the entire time. Although he did cry, he let the doctor and nurse work. Now that we are home and all calmed down, I'm glad to say I have survived this first of I'm sure many cuts and scraps. I can only hope our other emergency doctor trips will go as smoothly.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Dec 13th

Christmas time is here. I've got Christmas music playing. Most of our gifts are ready. Well mostly, they all still need wrapped. My tree is up and decorated and all our other decorations are up. Despite feeling out of sorts with the season, (moving changes how I do things) I've gotten alot accomplished. When you add all the snow we have gotten in the past week it really feels like Christmas. On another note, Aiden is walking. I mean really walking, not just a few steps here and there. He still falls down alot. And sometime he will just drop down and crawl because he can crawl faster than he walks. But he gets steadier and steadier each day. It's scary. My youngest baby is officially a toddler.

Ok so here is this weeks menu.

Monday: Sweet Potato Lentil Stew (I'm cooking it on the stove) and fresh bread
Tuesday: Seven-Layer Casserole
Wednesday: Green Spaghetti
Thursday: Autumn Vegetable Soup
Friday: Rice and Vegetable Bake
Saturday: Saner Family Christmas
Sunday: Leftovers or Breakfast

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