Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pretend Play

I woke up yesterday to the sound of Ian pushing a tidy cat cat litter box across the hard wood floor of our room. The tidy cat box is used in the bathroom for dirty diapers. Ian was pushing it making a vroom noise. He then looks at me and say "I mowing the lawn." He turns his hand next to the lid and turns the "lawn mower" off. He then turns his hand again and begins to pull the cord to start the "mower" up again. And off he went to mow the lawn some more. What started this game? It has been at least a month since we have mowed our own lawn. I'm not for sure. But I'm also not sure it matters. The fact was he had created something out of something else all by himself. Now this type of pretend play is not exactly new for Ian. I see him use his imagination all the time. I think what struck me was the action of using the tidy cat box as a lawn mower, having not been around someone mowing the lawn in what feels like quite a while. It's amazing how little brains work. :)

The great part about yesterday was the constant pretend play we seemed to do. After "mowing the lawn," Ian took his giraffe and put him in the swing to swing. When I told him I wanted to go out he then started looking for my red sling to carry his giraffe in. B/c I knew my sling won't fit, I created a sling out of a baby blanket for him. He used that sling all day. And has been using it all morning as well. So cute. And so nurturing. Every once in awhile I'll hear him say "giraffe crying" and he'll start pacing the floor in order to calm the giraffe down. Yesterday afternoon after Ian's nap, Cai was fussy. So I put him in my sling and started dancing back and forth in the living room. Ian put his giraffe in his sling and walked and danced with me. :) I would ask him if his giraffe was crying and he would replay "no, fussy." It has been the most wonderful, beautiful thing to watch. His imagination is beyond my comprehension. If only I could see the world through his eyes.

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kate said...

I loved this post!! That little mind is so fantastic. Oh, what I would give to spend a day as Ian Saner...