Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (Aug 3rd)

So I'm slow getting up my menu this week because, to be honest, I haven't wanted to eat anything other than soup and applesauce for the last day and half. I've been fighting nausea and even the thought of food has caused my stomach to do flips. :( While I still stuck to light soup tonight, I thought I better think about the rest of the weeks dinner plans. That way, assuming I'm feeling better in the morning, I can go grocery shopping tomorrow without having to first think of what on earth I'm going to cook all week. This last week was up and down. I was feeling off all week, but we made it through so all is well. And while not every day was kept to the plan, what was made worked out really nicely. Monday's lasagna rolls were changed into spaghetti because, brilliant me, forgot to make sure I had lasagna noodles before going shopping. I just assumed I still had some, but no. So that is going to be made this week. Mostly because I was really looking forward to them :). The stuffed bell peppers were defiantly wonderful. I used yellow peppers, instead of the green ones called for in the recipe. And while they didn't look nearly as pretty b/c the filling had a yellow/orangish tint, they tasted wonderful!! I'm hoping once I'm feeling better this week will go much better. Both in terms of cooking what I have planned and in terms of the actual week. Thursday Cai turns one so it's a big week! I can hardly believe my baby is going to be one. When did that happen. And Ian will turn three in a week!!!!! Where did the last year go? Well because of birthdays, celebrations are defiantly part of the plan this week. My mom's siblings will be here this weekend, so we are going to celebrate on Sunday! It should all be fun. Ok so here is this week's menu.

Monday: The boys ate frozen pizza while I ate egg drop soup.
Tuesday: Black Bean, Zucchini and Tomato Quesadillas
Wednesday: Potluck in the park: Pizza Braid
Thursday: Lasagna rolls with green beans- Chocolate Birthday Cake for dessert! (every one year old needs their first chocolate cake on the b-day)
Friday: Summer Ratatouille
Saturday: Leftovers (I have church conference all day and will only be home long enough to eat dinner before going back for evening worship)
Sunday: Birthday Celebrations at my mothers- Wishing Happy Birthday to Cai, Ian, and Great Grandma Letah

Hope everyone has a great week. And don't forget to visit The Happy Housewife for more menus (Organizing Junkie is gone this week and The Happy Housewife is happily hosting in her place)

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Allison said...

I can't believe the boys are getting so old! Hope you get to feeling better soon.