Thursday, December 24, 2009

I believe in Miracles

Last night a beautiful miracle occurred. Mark and I got to dinner together without kids. I had gone to see my mother yesterday. And the boys, having had a long day with no naps, both fell asleep on the way home. We got them both the older two into their beds without waking them up. And Aiden sleep all though dinner in his car seat. It was so nice to enjoy a meal with my husband without worrying about kids. And even nicer that neither he nor I had to make the meal. We just baked some lasagna rolls my mother made and put in my freezer awhile back :). Add some leftover peas and garlic bread from earlier in the week when we had spaghetti and we had a meal that didn't take hardly any work.
All the boys slept, leaving us to enjoy the whole meal undisturbed. Aiden did wake up as soon as I was finished with my last bit. But as I was done, I'm not complaining. Both Ian and Cai woke up later in the night. Ian woke and scared by the noise of our movie (Mark rented the new Star Trek movie). Cai woke up at about 10 but then went to bed with us, with no fight, at 11pm. So it was a nice quite night. So very much appreciated. Even Aiden's quiet crying didn't ruin the mood. The whole night was a such blessing.

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