Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking in the spring

Yesterday we took a moment to play in the beautiful spring weather that has graced us. Amidst the chaos that is our house this week it was a needed break for a few moments. We are frantically packing, cleaning, sorting and tieing up loose end. Moving day this Sunday seems to be approaching faster than I care for. So I'm trying very hard to take deep breaths and live each moment as fulling as I'm able. :) Cause even with the gray cloudy sky and cold harsh wind the spring trees are beautiful and worth taking in, if only through my window.

Check out the activity
Playing in the sand
And discovering the feel of grass
Here's to more sunny spring days. Looks like the rest of the week should be good weather for moving, maybe a little windy.
Wish us luck. It might be awhile before I get a change to post again.

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