Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Delightful Daffodils

The sun is shining. The trees budding. The worlds is bright and green. A week ago it was dark and dreary. Raining and cold. I thought spring would never come. But in among the dark and depressing landscape were yellow and white pockets of color.

 Delightful trumpets of joy. Waving heads of sunshine when I thought the sun would never come out again. My world has been filled with daffodils. And their very presence makes me smile.

 In the mist of the cold, the wet and the dark, these cheerful flowers brought some joy. I love daffodils. But it wasn't until recently I discovered the beauty of (and existence) of other varieties of the flower.

 While I have gotten to enjoy the cheering yellow and white daffodils all over town, its in my own backyard that I have discovered new varieties of this lovely flower.

 Walking my yard is an adventure. And simply gazing on all the different varieties puts a smile on my face. Might seem silly, but true. 

And while the days were dark and gloomy it was a much needed break. Now the view includes other colors of purple and red with tulips and other flowers popping up. But still it's the daffodils that bring me joy. Hope they bring a smile to you ! :)

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