Sunday, November 2, 2008


For those of you not in the Wichita area, 1.97 is the price of gas. That's right. $1.97 per gallon!!!!! When I saw the price yesterday I could not believe my eyes. Actually I guess it was Wed I saw gas at $1.99 and decided I just had to call someone and tell them. I mean who would have thought that gas would go under 2 dollars ever again. So I called my mother. My brother happened to be with her and he was so mad b/c he had just filled up his car at $2.07 or something. At that point I thought surely it won't get any lower. But it did. It's strange to me that just weeks ago gas prices where up in the 3 dollar range. Even stranger is the idea that we're in this massive economic crisis and yet gas prices are dropping???? Not that I'm complaining. I'm loving the low cost. I just wish it would stay till Christmas when we drive to Goshen. Somehow I doubt it though. I mean surely it will go up again. I just hope not in leaps and bounds like before.

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