Sunday, November 2, 2008

He used the potty!!!!!!

Tonight Ian actually used his potty. We haven't really been pushing potty training. In fact other than offering the opportunity once and awhile we really try not to make a big deal out of it. Our thoughts are that if now is not the right time then we can't push our wants on him without making it harder for us. But tonight he not only sat on his potty he actually used it. We got him to sit on the potty while I read "Once Upon A Potty" and "A New Potty" (a little critter book ). He sat there while I read both twice. Then he got up, walked into the bathroom (we don't have enough room in our teeny tiny bathroom to put his potty so it's sitting in the changing room right outside the door) and stood on his toes in front of the toilet trying to pee standing up like Daddy. It was so cute. We we got the stool and had him stand in front of the toilet. So then we went back and forth for awhile. Finally we started running the bath water as it was time for bath. He then stood over his potty and peed right into it!!! SUCCESS! True it took probably half an hour and lots of encouragement and help. But this small feat makes me so excited. I don't think we're going to be potty trained anytime soon. But I do think it will be sooner than I originally thought. If anything tonight got him to not be scared of his potty or the big toilet. And it pushed us all in the right direction. My little baby is becoming a little boy so fast. :)

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