Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kittens and Pumpkins

Some friends of ours always have lots of kitties running around their house. They live out in the country and mama cat always seems to have a litter. Last year they gave away one of their mama cats. But this year the female they had kept got pregnant again. So once again they have kitten! Ian loves going over to see them.
This cute kitten reminds me so much of my childhood cat Miss Priss. Her coat is a beautiful gray and she just seemed to love me. I was groomed much of the time we were there. :) Oh how I wanted to take her home.

After we visited the kittens, we decided to go find Papa's Pumpkin Patch, a local pumpkin patch north of town, we had heard about. We weren't sure when it was open, so we thought we would just locate it and then come back another time. Turns out it was open!

There was a slide to enjoy.
A big loader to admire :)
Corn to play in.
Sunshine to soak up.

And of course, the perfect pumpkin to find!
All and all it was a wonderful day!

Check out more of our pictures from Papa's Pumpkin Patch and this month in general at Picasa


k said...

ahhh I LOVE the pumpkin pictures! how fun!

Allison said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! The combination of kittens and little boys at the pumpkin patch all in one post is just about too much cute to handle.