Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Aiden

Aiden Michael is here! Born the 5th of November at 12:43pm. It's hard to believe that was already over 2 weeks ago. Where did the days go? Oh right, endless nursing, rocking and holding him and his brothers. Things are going pretty good around here considering we have a new baby at home. Ian and Cai are both fascinated by Aiden. Especially Cai. I smile every time I watch Cai peer over Aiden, gently rub his head and/or poke his nose. The look on Cai face reveals awe and wonder that I'm sure matches my own. It warms me to see the very same emotions playing on my 15 month olds face.
I've been blessed with wonderful family and friends, and reminded of it daily these past weeks. My mother came in one day that 1st week so Mark could go into the office because the other two guys in his sub-department of IT were out for the day. My father was here for a week and a half, doing dishes, laundry, cooking and playing with the older two boys. Friends and members of our church have been bringing meals a couple of time a week (which should continue after Thanksgiving for a little while. Yay!). And then tomorrow my in-laws come in to help for a week. Having family around can be alittle overwhelming at times. But the extra hands and help are really appreciated. And needed. If it weren't for the extra help I would definetly be dong too much. As it is I feel tired and overworked most days. Mostly though, we are doing ok. And hopefully will slowly learn the ropes of three kids. I'm both dreading and looking forward to Dec, as I learn to care for and establish routine here without out the extra help (besides Mark of course). I'll try to keep updated. But I'm sure post will be slim (or at least slimmer than normal, I know I'm not always good at posting) for awhile.

If you want to see more of the boys and family check out our Picasa Albums.

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