Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

So no Menu Plan Monday post this week. I'm not even going to try to plan meals. We'll just go with the flow. No baby yet either. :( I'm so ready to have this baby. I'm tired of being pregnant. I sorta thought he would come over the weekend. But no such luck. I keep telling myself: soon.

Thursday we did have the Witch's Hat Soup. And love it. It was really easy too. I didn't use the sugar the recipe call for. And I made up some nacho cheese (melted chedder with salsa) rather than use the canned cheese spread. Check out my handy work :)

Saturday, we went to West Heights United Methodist Church (my mother's church) in Wichita. Every Halloween they have Trunk or Treat. The members of the church line up their cars in the parking lot, decorate the trunks and then the kids can go around trick or treating. This year they had hot dogs and apple cider as well. It's great for Ian's age. It's all right there and we don't have to walk very far. Plus their is the joy of seeing Grandma and Grandpa. :) It was fun. Of course by the time we left both boys were throughly exhausted. All in all it was a good Halloween.

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