Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- May 30th

Monday has pasted and Tuesday is upon us, but on the up side I am posting. :) I can gladly say we are completely out of our rental. We finished cleaning yesterday, loaded the last of our things in the van and turned in our keys to our landlady yesterday afternoon, before dinner even. It was a long process. I spend most of my time last week over at the house (even though we have been living at my in-laws since the 21st) to pack and clean. We have put the majority of our things in a storage unit, keeping clothes, toys and other odds and ends with us. Hopefully when we find a house the moving in process will be easier. Especially since we can do it slowly with no rush to get out of our currently living space.
Living with extended family is certainly a different experience. After a week I can say we are slowly making routines that work. So far I think things are going very well. My mother-in-law and I are splitting the cooking. I'm cooking Monday- Thursday and she cooks Friday- Sunday. Yesterday was an exception since it was a holiday and we ended up cooking out at Mark's sisters. It was fun for all really. The  boys played in the baby pool and we all sat, chatted and ate. Other than being the first dreadfully hot day, it was great.
Anyway, here is the menu for the week.  Wish me luck, this is the first week without preschool. Last Wednesday was the very last day of preschool. Summer is Here!

Note: I got new cookbooks from the library. I'm in need of something new, so new we shall have ;)

Monday: We cooked out with family
Tuesday: Chinese Lemon Chicken (from Faster! I'm Starving! by Kevin Mills and Nancy Mills), Asian Noodles on Sesame-spinach Salad (from the Phytopia cookbook by Barbara Gollman and Kim Pierce)
Wednesday: Fusilli with Asparagus (from Faster! I'm Starving!)
Thursday: Meatballs Stroganoff, broccoli, salad
Friday-Sunday: Eileen cooks

Check out Organizing Junkie for other menus this week.

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