Wednesday, June 1, 2011

T-Ball Has Begun!

Well it has started. Ian is officially old enough for T-ball and the first and second game have come and gone. It's hard to believe he is old enough. Where did my baby boy go?
T-ball has been an interesting experience from an observers view.Practices weren't bad to watch. It was fun watching the kids learn how to throw. Game are alittle more, well, boring to be honest.
 But it is cute to watch four or five kids scramble for the ball and then try to get it to first base. And of course the very fact that there are five or six adults out on the field helping is kinda funny. But the truth is Ian loves it.
 Over Memorial Day Weekend there were no games, to the great disappointment of Ian. Every morning he would ask "Is it T-ball game day?" And every night "Tomorrow is T-ball game day." No sweetie not this weekend. It's hard to wait until the next game.
Of course that means lots of playing at home, even it's just putting on his shirt and hat and running around the house as if he is out int he field.
 I have been informed on many occasions now that Ian is going to be a baseball player, tennis player and football player when he grows up. But not a golfer to my great disappointment. When did my life start surrounding sports? I'm sure this is just the beginning.

For more pictures and videos of T-ball and other fun this month visit our Picasa May album. :)

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