Thursday, January 10, 2013

He Lost a Tooth!

Ian's front teeth have started to wiggle just alittle bit for the last several months. They barely moved but they moved and that was exciting enough for Ian. The past several weeks he has been working on wiggling on of the front teeth on the bottom. We told him that if he kept wiggling it would eventually come out. The past couple of days he started to be able to wiggle it with his tongue. The joy and excitement in his eyes when this happened was awesome. At night when I lay in bed cuddling him he would show me how much it wiggled. It was so close! Today he races into the van as I pick him up from school smiling widely at me. As I am in the pick up line and other cars are behind us I quickly tell him to get in his seat so we can go. "Mom, Look!"

The tooth was gone. He proudly told me that it came out at lunch. He had been wiggling it with his finger and pulled his hand away and there it was. "Right in my hand" Apparently he then got to go to the school nurse, who put the tooth into a plastic tooth shaped box and hung it around his neck. So very very exciting.

 Of course then we had to skype with Grandma Cindy to show her the gap. And we had to tell Dad (who being in meetings just got a message on google talk. And as soon as we saw Uncle Tex and cousin Josiah we had to show them. Growing up. Ian is growing up. My big 6 year old, kindergarten boy has lost his first tooth. And he is very very proud of the fact.

 So proud that he refused to put said tooth under his pillow. Another night he told me. He is not ready to part with this new treasure. Not even for the joy of  a special gift from the tooth fairy. Which he has already told me is money. It's okay though. I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be so big. So if he wants to hold onto that tooth for awhile longer, I think I'm okay with that. Maybe I too can hold onto him being little. Surely he won't grow up too fast. Please.


Allison said...

Some tooth fairies leave the teeth for the child to keep :)

Cindy Watson said...

Such a sweetie. I remembered when he skyped to show me the loose top tooth!!! Hard to believe he is old enough to lose a tooth....Love you!