Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday- 7 Jan 2013

Okay, I'll be real honest here and say this will be a very very short post. Yesterday the boys and I drove Mark to the airport in South Bend where he flew to Atlanta, Georgia for the week. His company is having their annual meeting. He'll return on Saturday around lunch. Having him gone is weird for sure. Luckily our family is helping out. Yesterday we ate dinner with my in-laws. It was nice cause then I didn't have to cook. And given that it was alittle after 5 by the time we got back to town we got to eat almost right away. Anyhoo the menu this week is pretty lacking. Monday and Tuesday we ate at my mother-in-law's. Mark's aunt and uncle are in town in addition to his brother. It has been nice to spend time with them. My sister-in-law Rachel is bring us a meal sometime this week. She was just going to double one of her meals. I'm very grateful. For the rest of the days I figure we'll eat macaroni and cheese one night, cause Mark doesn't like this anyway, and enchilada casserole another.That should cover us till Saturday when we pick up Mark. Saturday night I think I'll make curry. And Sunday can be popcorn, apples and cheese. Pretty simple week. Well as least as far as meals. I'm not sure the week will be simple in any other matter. Wish me luck. I think I might need it.

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