Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My crazy life

So I feel like it's been forever since I've gotten to sit down and write something. While part of life are calming down, others are not. For instance, while Cai is not screaming as much, he seems to be fussy during Ian's nap time. Meaning I get very little down during what use to be my break. The other factor in that is Ian is not always sleeping at naptime. I've gotten him conditioned to stay in his room. I'm so grateful for this small step. But when he doesn't sleep it means I only get a hour of rest/ me time. And when Cai is fussy during that hour I get no time to do anything. ARGGGG!! Today was pretty good though. I actually got thank yous written for all the wonderful gifts Cai was given at birth and all Ian's birthday gifts. I did most of them though email. I found a great program that allowed me to create ecards for free. It was fun to create them. Plus it save paper thus helping both our budget and the environment by not creating more paper waste. :)

So other than not getting me time. Life has been ok. Cai is smiling and cooing more and more. It makes my day when he coos at me for several minutes. Ian is talking more and more. Mark was just noticing the other day how Ian can put 6 to 7 words in a sentence now. It's so cute when he is trying to form a sentence. He will start to say something. Then stop. Look up in the air and them month what it is he want to say until he feels he gets the right words. So much going on in the brain of his.

Well it's getting late. I need a shower and then some sleep. Hopefully it won't be so long before I sit down and write more. I need the release. But time is so hard to find.

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kate said...

I really enjoyed the E-Card - what a great idea! It is nice that they can still be personalized, yet so efficient! I wish I could hear Ian starting to form sentences. I can hardly believe it! What happened to our little honorary "mod-baby"? I miss those days when you came to visit, or the 7B/9C modmates babysat during the week. Sometimes I just can´t believe we´ll never have those college days back again.

I hope you can start finding more time for yourself soon... hang in there, love. I´m thinking of you all the time.