Friday, January 23, 2009

My toddler is wearing underwear!!!!!!

And has been since Sunday. This last Sunday when I was trying to put on Ian's diaper as we dressed for church I got a terrible fight. He squirmed and kicked to the point I was ready to wring a neck. So finally I said, "Fine, you don't have to wear a diaper. But you'll need to put on underwear." He quickly agreed. And that night did not like getting into a nighttime diaper. So every day since we have allowed him to wear underwear during the day. The first two or three days was a struggle. While Ian did not want to wear a diaper, he also did not want to use the potty. So he would wet his pants and flip because he was wet. While I have some cloth training underwear that has extra padding to absorb more, he does not like these as much as the fun Elmo underwear we also have for him. Which really is ok with me. Sure I had to do laundry just about every day but now he's staying dry and using the potty. Wednesday things started to turn better. When he was busy he didn't always want to use the potty or sometimes would not make it there on time. But he did start letting me know he needed to use it, rather than waiting for me to ask him. The big success was Thursday. The day started out great. He got me up in the morning to tell me he needed to use the potty. I helped him out of his pjs and he sat down on his little potty. He then told me I should go back to the room to nurse Cai. (I had just been nursing him) Afterwards he comes running back in my bedroom beaming. H was so proud of himself. In fact, the whole day went well. We only had one accident the whole day!!!!! Today has been accident free thus far. It's exciting. By the end of the day yesterday he was basically going potty all by himself. Pulling down his own underwear and pulling them back up when he's done. Of course, sometimes he doesn't want to pull them up and goes walking around the house with them around his ankles. Cute but sorta dangerous. I'm always afraid his going to trip and fall. My biggest problem is he is so skinny that many of his pants don't fit very well now. No bulky diaper to keep them up. Plus we went and bought another package of underwear for him yesterday. He picked out Car's the movie theme. And they are too big. They sag so much :D So now it's just moving to night time training. He seems to be staying dry. It's just a matter of putting him in underwear at night and dealing with it. In fact early this morning he woke us up because he needed to use the potty and didn't want to wet his diaper. So that alone says it might not be that bad of a transition. Of course I'm preparing for many accidents and wet sheets. The sad part of this is now all his cute footed one piece pjs won't work because of the hassle to get off. :( Oh well. This is worth it!!!

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