Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick of being sick

That's right. I'm sick. Have been since about Monday. But that's not the worse part. Cai and Ian have it too. On the one hand I should be grateful that we have bacterial infections that can be helped with antibiotics. On the other hand, sinus, ear, throat and chest symptoms are no fun for anyone. And right now, in my opinion just as bad as some stomach virus. So Cai got sick first. Poor thing. Last Friday night he started having a barking cough that only got worse as the weekend progressed. By Sunday I was worried and took him to the walk in clinic. I'm so glad we now have a clinic that is not only open in the evenings and weekends but works with my doctor. :) It's pretty nice. Anyway, he had an ear infection. So was proscribed medication and we were sent home. None of this addressed his cough. I was just told to call our doctor if I didn't see improvement in the next couple of days. Monday, my throat, head and ears were hurting. Luckily those first several days of Cai slept alot. So by Tues I was so miserable that Mark worked from home and both Cai and I went to the doc. Turns out I had an infection (never told what, my doc was so busy I had to see another in the clinic and Cai luckily got scheduled with Mark's doc, same clinic). Cai has croup. I hate croup. He sounds awful and during the coughing fits I feel so bad for him b/c other than taking him outside in the cold air or into a steamed up bathroom there is little I can do for him. :( He is getting better though. The cough is lingering but the fits are less often and shorter. :) Me, I'm doing better other than the drainage that makes me feel like I'm coughing up a lung. Now Ian is sick as well. His nose has been running and he has had a fever off and on since Tues, but wasn't prescribed anything till yesterday. In fact when I did call our doc she didn't even bother seeing him because he is showing all of our symptoms. I love our doc. The boys and I share a doctor and she is great about listening to my concerns and taking care of us even over the phone.

Anyway today has been tough. I feel just well enough to want to get something done and yet still tired and ache. Plus both kids have been fussing all morning. I want to comfort them b/c I know they don't feel good. And I desperately want to make them feel all better. At the same time I'm so tired of been clung to and having to constantly hold one if not both of them. I need a break. I did try yesterday to get out. We went grocery shopping b/c the food in the house was getting slim. It went fine till we got home and everyone melted from having spent too much energy. :(. Oh well. After the weekend things should look up. By then the three of us should all be feeling much better. Although now Mark is showing the early signs of getting whatever it is we are fighting. I hope if he does it doesn't linger. Wish us luck and good health for awhile. I'm so tired of being sick.

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