Monday, February 16, 2009

He's moving!!!

Cai has figured out how to move. At 6mo old not only can he scoot on his belly in a circle but he has figured out that if he rolls over several times in a row he can move closer to where he wants to go. It's not crawling, but it's still moving.It really started up yesterday. Ian was napping and I had Cai on the floor next to the computer on his play mat. When I turned to check on him he was over by the door, about 6 feet. I couldn't figure out how he got there. So to see if he would do it again I pulled him into the middle of the room. He kicked and scooted on his belly but didn't really move forward any. Then he laid his head on the floor. I thought maybe he was getting tired. But before I could pick him up he had rolled over two times. AHHH that's how he did it. Of course then he rolled into the wall and got very mad. So right now I'm caught between being amazed at this new development and frustrated at the idea that I can no longer safely put him down without checking around him first. ARGGGGG I was really hoping for the sitting in one place without moving very far very fast. Yeah that was a dream. Cai is slowing learning to sit up on his own. He can sit for up to 30 sec before falling over. It's improvement. And he does like trying to sit up. Allows him a new perspective, plus it's easier to manipulate toys in a sitting position. But the rolling has quickly become the favorite thing to do. So now I have to figure out how to provide safe floor space for Cai and this is already proving a challenge with a 2 1/2 year old running around. :)

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