Friday, February 13, 2009


Today was Ian's first Valentine's party at storytime at the library. See we moved Ian from the toddler storytime to the preschool storytime. This has meant in addition to an extra story and more involved puppet show, crafts!!! It's been fun watching Ian get excited about it. And the more we're with the older kids the more I realize that he was ready for the switch. So anyway, one of the things the preschool storytime does is holiday parties. So last week the kids decorated envelopes for valentines, and this week we brought valentines for everyone. Plus us parents signed up to bring snacks and drinks. I didn't want to go out and just buy valentines. For one, I just didn't want to spend the money. Silly, I know. Two, since Ian can't write letters yet I couldn't even have him write his name. So basically I would be doing all the work myself and that just felt did not feel right. So instead we made some. I had Ian paint on colored construction paper and then I cut the paintings up into small cards. I then had him decorate each card with stickers and I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day from Ian". I added a chocolate kiss and they were done. :) I have to say for the little extra work they took it was fun. And I really felt like Ian got to help this way and thus they really are from him. He was so excited to go to storytime today. Of course he was not so sure about giving away his valentines. I had to once again explain that we made them to give to the other kids and that they in turn were going to give valentines to him. :) Anyway, it was a fun project and a fun storytime.

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