Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's Four!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! My Ian is four. Wow. It seems like just a short while ago he was turning two and we were welcoming home a new baby Cai. Now he's four, getting ready for his second year of preschool and talking my ear off. Really, the boy talks a mile a minute. He gets so excited he'll repeat himself and have trouble getting the words out. It's like his brain is working faster than his mouth sometimes. :) So great. It's wonderful watching him learn and explore. Trying to teach Cai and Aiden how certain toys work or how to put a piece in a puzzle. Of course this means sometimes he get frustrated when said brothers play differently than he thinks they should. But we're slowly learning to work through those. So here's to my first born. My inquisitive Ian who I'm sure will teach me alot in the next year and for years to come!


Kristin said...

Ice cream in the bowl was made from blueberry concentrate that I made for soda. Check out my blueberry soda post and look in the comments for more info.

Anonymous said...

I so remember when he was born! Happy Happy Birthday dear Ian!