Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- April 18th

So I've noticed I'm behind on blogging. Really I have lots to share, and yet I'm not taking the time to sit down and write. No promises, but soon perhaps. Last weeks meals all got made, and we have been enjoying the leftovers for lunches. It's always nice to have a fridge full of well loved leftovers. Not all meals make good leftovers, but for some reason my family seems to like chicken pot pie and fried rice even better the day after. Plus I've been enjoying the taco leftovers. :) This week I'm going to try and keep things simple. Trying to make the week a smooth as possible. Give my attention and energy to other things than my kitchen. Hard to believe Holy Week is upon us. Makes me miss home, knowing I won't be going to my mother's this weekend. But new traditions will be embraced. And I'm looking forward to spending Easter with the Saners.

Here is the menu this week:
Monday: Dinner with my in-laws (Mark's uncle and aunt are still here from Maine and we are spending some time with them before they head out early tomorrow)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and tomato sauce
Wednesday: Mid-Week meal at church
Thursday: Pizza using this crust (Cai's request- which he asks for almost every time I ask him what he wants)
Friday: Salmon Loaf, veggie, and roasted potatoes (this is new for us, I'll let you know the verdict)
Saturday: Lentil chili served on homemade buns
Sunday: Easter dinner

So what's cooking at your place? Visit Organizing Junkie for ideas and tips. Really she's great.


Pastor Cindy said...

I will be missing you too, dearheart! We are smoking both a ham and a turkey the dinner count is at 18. But NO little boys for an Easter Egg hunt. Sending you blessings and lots of love this Holy and Sacred Week.

Dmarie said...

thanks for sharing the recipes. can't wait to try the no-rise crust!!