Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PJs, Popcorn and Ear Infection

As I mentioned in my last post, all three boys had ear infections last week. It started with Ian. Late Tuesday night, or early Wednesday morning depending on how you look at it, Ian woke up screaming that his ears hurt. It was a miserable night, he was up and Aiden was up and even Cai woke up a few times. So I took him in Wednesday to see the doctor. And just like I had guessed he had an ear infection.
 Now I know that for some the use of antibiotics for ear infections is frowned on. Some argue that the over use of antibiotics actually is causing more ear infections to happen. However I must stated that while I'm all for letting my kids fight off infections on their own, there are times when the use of antibiotics is welcomed with open arms. The turn around in one day after starting his meds was amazing. And I found myself thankful that I live somewhere where I can easily get such medicine without hassle. I so often take for granted the blessing that is medical technology, including simple things such as antibiotics.
  So on Thursday when Ian was feeling much better but I won't let him go out cause I wanted him to rest another day, I declared the day Pajama Day. We all wore our pjs. We watched PBS shows Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street. I have to admit to growing to love PBS's Dinosaur Train. My boys love the dinosaurs and I love the new facts I get from watching it. At the end of each segment there is a paleontologists. who will talk about the things they know about dinosaurs today along with making comparisons to todays animals and environments. It's pretty fascinating.
 On top of PBS, we read books, and cuddled alot. It wasn't a perfect day, but it was something. We ended the day by making a comfy pad on the floor with blankets and pillows. I popped popcorn, sliced apple and cheese. And we had a picnic in the living room for dinner. Again we watched TV. Somehow, even with little boys not feeling well, the ability to just lounge felt like a nice change of pace. Of course now I'm longing for some normalcy.  I'm very much ready for healthy, happy boys again.

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