Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- April 25th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that if you celebrate Easter, your celebrations were filled with joy. It was odd not celebrating with my mother this year. Having only 10 people around the table (rather than 18) was also a different feel. But it was all good. Watching little boys search the yard for eggs and then sharing a big meal with family was wonderful.
Meals all went according to the menu until Thursday. We ended up spending Friday afternoon at my sister-in-law's dying eggs and making pizza. So I didn't want to have pizza on Thursday as well. And the asparagus I had picked up at the grocery store was calling my name. So instead of switching Thursday and Friday around, I made Lemon Asparagus Pasta out of Simply in Season on Thursday. It was marvelous. The perfect taste of spring. Saturday we had a popcorn picnic, with apple slices and string cheese. We then watched baseball and skyped with my mothers. A good Saturday evening.
Some note worthing children activities.

  • Aiden is now throwing himself onto the floor and hiding his face when he doesn't get his way. At least he doesn't scream too. In fact, without the screaming, it's kinda cute. 
  • Cai is in the why stage. Today at the coffee shop he asked "Why is that man wearing a hat?" I asked back "I don't know. Why did you wear a coat?" Really, despite what my children think, I don't have all the answers. Sometimes the answer is simply "because." Wish it wasn't. I can only answer why to a certain point. 
  • In the car with Grandma Saner, Cai asked Grandma what her favorite color was. He than went on to tell her Ian's and his favorite color. He is really starting to pick up language and how to start conversations. :)
  • Ian has started T-ball. And is very excited about it. It's fun watching his excitement. 
Ok on to our menu for the week. Hopefully it won't be too crazy of a week.

Monday: Lentil Chili on buns (I've got some frozen so I'm choosing not to make homemade ones like I thought I would last week)
Tuesday: Pea soup and leftover Easter bread- maybe grilled cheese to go with?
Wednesday: Baked chicken, leftover broccoli and rice casserole, bread and corn
Thursday: Chicken Pasta Primavera, side veggie, bread
Friday: Rachel is cooking for us ;)
Saturday: Spinach and ham Quiche
Sunday: Breakfast or other simple meal

Sorry no recipe links this week. Go on over to Organizing Junkie, there'll be plenty over there. :)

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