Friday, February 24, 2012

Where is God?

Cai is constantly asking questions. It doesn't matter how many of them I answer in a day, the next morning there are plenty more. Sometimes they are the same. Sometimes they are new. But Cai when Cai is not telling stories, he is asking questions. Lately a common is "Where is God?" My answer tends to be "God is everywhere. Above us, below us, in and around us." Last night the questions started like this.

Cai: Where is Jesus?
Me: Well Jesus was a man who lived a long time ago. After he died on the cross he went to live with God.
Cai Where is God?
Me: God is everywhere. But most importantly God is in your heart.
Cai: What is my heart?
Me: Your heart is an organ in your body that pumps blood throughout the body. You need it to help keep you alive.
Cai: Where is my heart?
Me: Right here (rubs Cai's chest above heart)
Cai: How can I see Jesus in my heart?
Me: Well..... you can't. He is invisible.

And apparently that was enough, cause after that the questions stopped. I'm never sure I've answered his questions correctly. How much does he understand? How much do I try and explain? Half the time I"m flying blind and feel later that I worded my answers all wrong. Mostly though I'm fascinated by his questions. And while sometimes I just wish for a moments peace without his constant chatter, deep down I hope he never stops asking questions. So I guess I need to keep coming up with answers, even if I'm only half sure of them.

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