Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- Feb 27

Hey it's Monday and I'm blogging my menu on the right day! Yeah for me!!! If you read my blog last week, I'm thinking I need to own Recipes from the Root Cellar. The vegetable quinoa came out of this cookbook and it was excellent. Being as the copy I currently have is owned by the library, I'm thinking I want my own copy. :) I'm hoping to try some new recipes this week. I'm getting tired of the same soups and casseroles and am in need of new ways to cook winter veggies. Wednesday I'm taking a meal to have family at church who just had a baby. So I'll be making extra of that day. I'm thinking soup and I'll be gone for dinner due to Wednesday night prayers at church. Ok I'm rambling, so here is the menu.

Monday: Salmon Broccoli Bake
Tuesday: Red lentil and squash soup (from Love Soup)
Wednesday: Hearty Brown Lentil Soup (from Love Soup)
Thursday: Pasta Inverno (from Recipes from the Root Cellar)
Friday: Pasta with Kale and Chickpeas (from Recipes form the Root Cellar)
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: breakfast or simple supper

For more ideas and menus check out Organizing Junkie. Happy meal planning!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

We've never tried quinoa. How would you describe the taste?

Kristin said...

It's sorta corn like in flavor but not really. It look alot like couscous when cooked. We like it at our house. And it's a nice gluten free replacement for couscous which we loved before we found out our middle son was gluten intolerant