Monday, June 1, 2009

I finished!!

I have been working on these longies since November. They are knitted from Tiny Birds Wool Soaker Pants Pattern. And I finally finished them today!!! I finished the first half back in December. But somehow I was very slow to work on the second half. I finally finished knitting the leg yesterday before church. And last night I worked on sewing them up. But I didn't finish until just before lunch. I'm so excited. The longies are for Cai. And by the looks of it they may actually still fit him come fall. We'll see how long he grows from now till then. Even if he (sad) doesn't fit them at least I finished. And now know I can knit a pair. Thus hopefully inspiring me to knit a larger pair.

In other news Cai has officially cut both his top teeth. They are barely there and the fussiness is far from over. But hopefully this will mean in a few days he will start feeling a little better. Or at least I can hope. :) Ian is very excited about this week because tomorrow we go to the zoo with friends and then on Thursday we start library storytime. It should be a fun filled week. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. :)

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