Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yummy Monday dinner Success!

So I meant to sit down and write about this yesterday. Oh well. That's life. Monday we had Salmon Patties. I had saw the link on Little Home. It looks easy and I happened to have canned salmon! I served Confetti Kale, a recipe I found in Simply in Season. I love this cookbook. And the Confetti Kale was really good. I had never had kale before. Like I wrote earlier, my folks brought me fresh, local produce and kale was one of the greens they brought me. Well the family seemed to enjoy it. Ian ate at least two salmon patties. I forgot the lemon juice. And at one point Mark stated that the patties could use some lemon. He was of course right and I was embarrassed. Oh well, next time. At least he liked them. :) Cai devoured the Confetti Kale and the leftover salmon. I won't let him have the patties yet, so I made sure to leave some out for him.

Confetti Kale is really easy to make. You saute your kale with a clove of garlic till cooked (about 10 mins). They you add corn, half a red sweet pepper and about 1/4c water. Add some salt and pepper and cook for another 10mins. Serve and enjoy!

I have to say, after a long day, making a good meal that everyone enjoys feels like such a large accomplishment. Sometimes the only visible accomplishment for the day.

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