Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- March 21st

Last's weeks menu was written. And for the most part we stuck to it.  Just getting it posted seemed to slip through my fingers. But today I'm on top of things. Of course I'm attempting to write this while at our local coffee shop The Electric Brew. And that alone can be a feet, due to trying to keep an eye on boys. But the fact we are out of the house is nice. Hopefully it's a sign of a good week. So for the next week or more you might see alot of spinach on our menu. I picked up a 5lb bag at the farmers market cause that's the size Ian wanted. The fresh greens make me hopeful for the coming of spring veggies. I'm welcoming spring with open arms. Goodbye winter. We had fun, but it's time for something new. In some ways the changing of seasons makes me happy I live in the Midwest. I get variety. And new beauty in the different seasons around me.

Ok here's our menu

Monday: Spinach and ham quiche
Tuesday: Dinner with in-laws (And going to Kindergarten Registration for Ian!)
Wednesday: Lenten prayer and meal (I'm going to be participating in a day long fast with others from 8th Street Mennonite)
Thursday: Coconut milk curry over rice
Friday: Squash and sausage pasta from freezer, with spinach salad
Saturday: Spinach and Kale egg squares with potato side
Sunday: Soup

What are you cooking this week? For more menus check out Organizing Junkie.


shopannies said...

hope you have a good time eating out the rest of meals sound good as well

Kristin said...

Thanks. As much as I like cooking, its nice to get a break once and awhile.