Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- March 28th

To say last week was alittle crazy would be an understatement. And this week isn't starting out much better. Poor Aiden is teething his canine teeth. So far one has broken through the gums (the top right) and the top left is very, very close. I hate teething. They are always so cranky, clingy and needing to nurse constantly. I want to comfort him, but my poor body can only take so much. And sleeping has been minimal. Add to that the fact that Cai and Ian have been waking up more during the night and Mark and I are very very tired parents. You would think we would be use to no sleep by now.
We did go register Ian for Kindergarten. But since he is after the August 1st cut off he is put on a waiting list for early enrollment. We won't find out till June or July is they have space for early enrollment kids. :( It makes things difficult on our end. We're looking into our options. Mostly I'm just frustrated. I'll acknowledge that the majority of my frustration comes from growing up in a system where Ian's mid-August birthday would not be a problem with the school system. In Kansas the cut off for enrollment September 1st. Thus I always thought the question of when to send Ian to kindergarten would be simply a debate Mark and I would have ourselves. Something we would have to evaluate (with the help of Preschool teachers) as to whether Ian was ready at the age of 5 or not. Not until moving to Indiana did jumping through school hurdles even cross my mind. All and all it's frustrating. I'm trying to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't matter much. Sure he is ready for kindergarten. Sure I would like him to go. But as long as he is in some program next year, even preschool, he will grow. And for many summer birth kids, waiting a year even has benefits. So now we wait.
Ok, now that I have rambled on about our life, on to my menu.

Monday: lasagna rolls (from freezer) and peas
Tuesday: spinach squares and roasted potatoes (we didn't get to these last week)
Wednesday: soup and bread supper at church
Thursday: Veggie Burrito Bake
Friday:  homemade pizza using this no rise pizza crust
Saturday: Spaghetti with meat sauce 
Sunday:  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos

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