Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinosaur Train

For Halloween this year, Ian and Cai wanted to be characters from PBS's Dinosaur Train.

 If you have never had the pleasure of watching this kids PBS show, you are missing out. ;) My boys love it. And why not. dinosaurs and trains together? What's  not to love? Actually in all seriousness, its not a bad show. The main characters consist of Buddy,  a T-Rex, who is adapted by a Ptreranodon family which includes Mom, Dad, Tiny, Shiny and Don, and Mr Conductor (the train conductor) who is a Troodon. Just about ever episode has them riding the Dinosaur Train to meet and learn about different dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods. It's amazing what new things I've learned about dinosaurs from watching this with my boys. Anyway, Ian wanted to be Buddy

 and Cai wanted to be Tiny.

So I made it happen. With an XL orange sweatshirt, baseball cap, hot glue, foam balls and paint for Ian. Oh and lots of plastic bags as stuffing.

 For Cai I used a M green long sleeve men's shirt, a foam visor, foam balls and paint.

They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The boys loved them for sure. And there were even a few people who recognized who they were without prompting. :) Score for Momma!

For Aiden I had gotten a brown 2T sweatshirt and money ears that I had planned on pairing with his brown sweats and a red T-shirt. Instant Curious George. Sadly, Aiden did not like the ears. So then he was going to wear our Elmo costume that was giving to us by a friend in KS.

 But after wearing it around the house all afternoon he did not want to put it back on after I took it off to change his diaper before heading out. So I laid the Elmo, the Curious George, and Cai's Thing 1 costume from last year on the couch and had him choose. Thing 1 was picked.

Can't complain too much, I spent alot of time on that wig last year, it was nice to see it used again. :) We went trick-or-treating with Josiah in my sister-in-laws neighborhood.

 One up and down her street is just long enough for the kids. Two, I happen to know many of the people living there from church and other places. And three it's fun to trick-or-treat with your cousins. I felt alittle bad that we didn't go in our own neighborhood, but by the time we got home they boys were way past tired and done. Next year, there is always next year. Right?

 By the way isn't Josiah's zebra costume great? Rachel made it with black sweats, white duck tape and felt. She wanted to be able to use the sweats after she was done since they are actually Ian's and I'll want them back for the other boys later.  So impressive. It was a great Halloween. Fun was had by all.

Next year Ian tells me he wants to be a ghost. We'll see if he remembers that a year from now.
Taken by Ian while I was making dinner. I was a ballerina if you can't tell. 
Me I'm thinking Miss Piggy for myself. Any excuse to dress up I'll take.


Allison said...

Nice costumes, Kristin! You're so creative!

Kristin said...

Thanks. It's alittle overwhelming sometimes when things don't turn out the way I imagine in my head. Ian's(Buddy)head looked more like Jar Jar Binks the first time. After some twicking I got it to look right but I just about had a meltdown before I figured out how to fix it.

Miriam Friesen said...

Love the costumes, and the kids' choices, and the momma's creativity. Keep up the good work and fun pictures!

musical_bug said...

Oh my goodness, so wonderful! Maybe I don't need children, I'll just live vicariously through you - cause quite frankly I don't know if I could do all the things you do! Super mom!!! You should totally be Miss. Piggy next year, and make Mark be Kirmit!!! :D