Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Purple, Purple Everywhere

A week ago our yard was covered with shades of purple. Now the color is fading giving way to spring green and waiting for the next batch of color to burst open.
the Wisteria in full bloom

I love the look of these blooms and the smell. 

But a week ago: Purple. It was so pretty. And really made me smile.
more blue than purple 

 It's been fun to see what will bloom. I'm not good at recognizing plants. Some flowers I know, but many I don't. But watching and waiting to see what pops up in our flower beds has been a wonderful joy.

 And it certainly brightens my days. Especially when often the skies are still gray and covered in clouds. Though on that note we have had some sunny afternoons, which I've enjoyed.

 Gardening will be this summers exciting adventure as I learn how to tend to what we have, remove what I don't want and try to add or adapt to fit my own tastes and talents.

 As overwhelming as it all feels, I look forward to learning. And really watching the beauty of my yard come to life brings joy and smiles.
Ok these are not purple, but they are gorgeous . 

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