Friday, May 25, 2012

Hair cut

So first I must confess that I haven't cut my hair in two years. Not even a trim. It was getting very, very long. With the weather warming up and summer here I decided it was time to cut off some of the length.
 And being so long I knew I could donate it. I had the boys take before and after pictures. When looking at the comparison you really get an idea of how long it was. I sorta took it for granted that it was so long. I washed, combed it and either left it to dry or braided it. Didn't give much thought to length other than the fact that getting it off my neck was difficult.
 Now it feels so light. And while it still has length (I can put it in a pony tail) it feels so much shorter. And cooler.
 Oh may is it cooler. And did I mention light? :) I have to admit I'm happy.
 And the portion that was cut off will be mailed out to a local (Michigan) organization called Children with Hair Loss that provides hair replacement to kids. Smiles all around!

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Alyce said...

I love your haircut!