Monday, August 6, 2012

4 year old Cai

 My boy is four years old! And I can hardly believe my eyes. He's growing up so fast. Soon preschool will start and that will bring three days a week, two and half hours of time at school. Soon he will not longer write his name right to left. Soon I will have to admit he is no longer a toddler, but rather a full fledged preschooler.
 And it's already starting. Today he changed from his harness car seat to a brand new boaster seat. He told me at lunch he was a big boy who was 4 and got to sit in a boaster seat so should he get to have quite time downstairs? Not yet little one. Not yet.
 But four is bring lots of new things for Cai. Boaster seat, new responsibilities, new preschool schedule that will include more field trips. It's all very exciting.
 But somehow he is still Cai. Still makes random noises to entertain or irritate those around him. Still worships his older brother, wanting to do everything Ian does.  Still having his own interests completely different from his brothers.
 So this year we tried to foster those unique interests. Thus Cai got an orange tutu, to match his favorite color and one of his favorite activities at nursery and preschool (dress up)
 Pink, yellow and orange wings to go with it.
 And new rain boots. Mostly because he had out grown his and these just screamed Cai :)
 I think we did okay. He certainly is smiling.
 That's our Cai. Unique and unrepeatable. We love him so.

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