Friday, September 12, 2008

EarthMama meets blogging

With so many friends recording there wonderful adventures in blogs, I have decided I too can tell the world (or at least my friends who read it) about my adventures. True, compared to going to Japan, or even Germany, my life is tame. But hey living with a two year old creates adventures around every corner. Add a one month old to the mix and I have lots of exciting tales to tell. Take for instances this current moment. 2 year old Ian is running around in circles singing the ABC's, while the baby is finally quite on his daddy's lap. Just moments ago he was screaming at the top of his lungs, and I had already feed him and put on a clean diaper. Life is a constant roller coaster. I'll have plenty to tell.

Ok so one of the main reason I thought I would start a blog is because I hope it will allow me to share these early years of my children to those who can not be as close as they/ I want. I was watching Ian loving put his bear to sleep on the floor thinking how I should record this event somehow. Of late I often see Ian mimicking my actions with his stuffed animals and dolls. How wonderful it feels too watch him climb into my rocker with one of his bears (or other animal) and nurse them while rocking. He smiles and quitely pats them on the back. It makes my heart swell. Somehow it makes the hard days just alittle easier. Maybe I am teaching Ian something, even when I can't spend as much time with him as I would like.

Well more later. Peace.
EarthMama Kristin


kate said...

Welcome to blogging world!! Keep it up! Trust me - your adventures as a parent are so much more significant than anything some of us can hope to accomplish in germany, japan, etc. My "adventures" pale in comparison. You are such an awesome mama, and it is beautiful to know Ian is already learning so much from you. You blow me away, and I will always look up to you!

Cilla said...

Thank you for sharing your experience !
I do plan on having kids in a few years and I will definitely need someone closer to here than my mom to give me insights through the craziness of being pregnant and raising them :P
and your stories are just cute anyway.

Curt said...

Thanks for the invitation to your blog. I miss you, Mark and the boys tremendously. Its so good to hear that you all are doing well with the new addition to the family.
I am so pround of you! You are an amazing woman and mother and it is being reflected in your two year old. Our children learn way more from our actions then from our words and the actions of you and Mark are being beautifully reflected by Ian. Wow! Love you all - Uncle C