Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is Indeed Coming

I meant to post this last week. But with everything else happening in our lives it got shelved for awhile.
Weather around here has begun to warm up. :) I can't express how grateful I am for not only the sunshine but the warmth. It means more time outside and less cramped between walls. Today is gray and rainy, but the rest of the week should be warm, although we will have rain throughout.
Anyway , I was unable to enjoy the gorgeous weekend due to the fact I was in Indiana (where it was nice but not nearly as warm as in KS). However, early last week I was able to enjoy the outside.
Not only does the warmer weather shout that spring is indeed coming. The little blue flowers (yes I know they are weeds) quietly whisper the end of winter.
True we are not done with winter yet. With ever changing Kansas weather, you never know what tomorrow will feel like. However it's still a nice reminder that winter can't and won't last forever.

So we'll soak up all the sunshine we can in this moment.

It should be noted that Mark finished the lid for the sandbox. Ian wanted it panted green. He even helped with the first coat. Last week Mark finished the last coat and added the handles. Ian is very happy with it. And is very proud of the fact he can remove it all by himself. He does still need help getting it back on when we clean up.

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