Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The ups and downs of spring

Looking at the blue sky today after the crazy storms that passed through Wichita, KS last night I'm reminded of how fast weather can change. Spring storms are certainly among us, not just in KS but back home in Goshen as well. While it was clear for our move, it has rained alot. Not that I would expect any less for late April/ early May. And while I would often look at the clouds and long for the sun, I realized that it is a taste of weather to come. I'm not in KS anymore. :( (Ok so I currently am, but not for long)
It does make me appreciate the sun just alittle more. And while I never thought I would long for warmth that can be KS Spring, I do. Even just the 10 degree difference between KS and IN average temperatures for May makes a difference. I must admit I was looking forward to 80 degrees when I was here in Wichita. Sadly, we have only seen two days with temps that high. The rest of our days have been in the high 60s sometimes low 70s. :( To say I've been disappointed is an understatement. Although in the case of the T-storms last night it was a blessing. Had the temperature been warmer we might have had the hail and larger tornadoes they were predicting. As it was there was a tornado that touched ground west of Wichita but quickly dissipated. Anyway, before this trip I was trying to get outside on nice days. Although I'm finding it much harder than when were in Newton. Our backyard is not fenced. We don't have the swing set up yet. Nor the sandbox filled. Although both did make it to Goshen. And we live on Main Street, which is even busier than normal due to construction rerouting traffic. On top of that we live on an alley that is used semi-regularly. All together that makes me more nervous to be outside playing than I'm used to being. I'm sure with time I get use to it. But right now it's hard to convince myself to play out in our yard with the kids. Even if I am desperate to soak up what little sun we get.
However, we have done just that. One day, Aiden swung, (I put his swing in the tree) Ian and Cai played kick ball rode down the driveway on riding toys, and I tried to start on the garage. Not that I got very far. Although Mark stated today that I could actually get the van in the garage now. Although he doesn't want me to because the garage door is broken.
All and all we enjoyed being outside in our own yard.
Have a bragged about this find yet. I found a Klean Kanteen for 79 cents at Salvation Army. I was so excited.

Hope everyone else is soaking up the Spring sun when it comes out and enjoying the spring showers that pass their way. :)

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