Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Chief

We have safely returned to Goshen. And while I was hoping to settle into some resemblance of a routine, it has yet happen. Of course it is hard to settle back into routine when we didn't have one to begin with prior to leaving. :) We did visit the Chief on Sunday after we returned. Mark's brother helped him fix up a bike while we were gone. So we even rode down. I had the older two in the trailer and Aiden was on Mark's back. We have an infant seat but not the attachment parts.
The Chief is a great ice cream place that opens every summer here in Goshen. They make their own ice cream and each week have a special flavor. This week's was German Chocolate I think. I had the Cafe Mocha Stick sundae. Yummy!!! Ian's current favorite is Blue Moon, which I guess sorta tastes like cotton candy or berrieish. Of course we have only been a hand full of times and at most he has tried four different flavors. Mark's all time favorite is lemon. It is so refreshing. Cai seemed to enjoy it when he wasn't trying to steal my whipped topping. This Chief trip was especially fun because it was the first time we have gone with Mark's family this year. Everyone but Mark's brother and fiancée were there. We all rode together, ate ice cream, laughed and talked while the boys played.It was a great way to start the week.

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