Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too quickly

Aiden is racing to catch up with his brothers. And mama is not too happy about it. Too quickly he seems to be developing and growing. At six, almost seven months the boy has two teeth and is scooting across my floor. That's right he is moving. And pretty well considering he is not up on his knees yet. But that's soon to come. He is already up on his hands and knees doing the pre-crawl rocking. Than he shoots himself forward onto his stomach and pushes with his feet to move forward. Being that he wants to do what the older boys are doing, he's goal is always to move into the middle of their play. As if I had a hard enough time keep him safe around them before. It's scary to watch him grow so fast. I'm so not ready for a mobile baby. However it is sure fun to watch all the boys interact. Ian especially can get Aiden to smile and giggle with just a look. :)

In addition to the moving and the teething, Aiden has been joining the family at the dinner table. I picked up a high chair at a garage sale before my KS trip (we choose not to move ours b/c it was bulky and we never liked it very much, but it was free). And once the spoon stop satisfying his interest I decided it was time to try some solid food. It's so fun watching his expressions. But he sure does seem to enjoy eating. I gave him banana while I was in KS. He didn't like it very much. In fact he would hardly take a second bite the couple times I offered. But once we got back I gave him butternut squash.
The first bite always gets a grimace, then he always opens for more. In fact I would guess he actually likes it :). While I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby to being eating, it sure is fun to watch him explore the world of food. Now I understand why my parents always told me to stop growing. If I could slow time I would. I'm so not ready for my babies to get bigger.

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