Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preschool Begins!

Last week was the first week of preschool for Ian. I can't explain how grateful I am for the start of preschool. Moving away from his friends has been hard on him. While he has Cai and his cousin Josiah, they are not his age. Even the 15month difference between him and his cousin can be great at times. And I know he needs interaction with kids his own age. In fact, even with the chaos that preschool has caused in our lives as we adjust to the new routine, it has also enhanced it. This morning Ian took the time to explain how to play Hi Ho Cherry-O to Cai. They spend a good thirty minutes playing that and Shoots and Ladders this morning. It was such blessing to see them playing together in this manner.
The other blessing that comes with Ian at school, is the time Cai gets away from his older brother. Without Ian around all the time to speak for Cai, Cai is opening up and his speech is blossoming. It started actually the week I was flat on my back and Ian was sick. Mark explained that with just Aiden around Cai started talking and interacting with Mark, Grandpa and Grandma (Mark's folks who took care of them alot that week) in a more animated way. It so fun to hear Cai talk and express himself.
So heres to hopes of finding a good rhythm in this new routine, and the excitement of possibilities it will bring our way.

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