Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Sept 6th

I apologize for the silence the last couple of weeks. Our life has been nuts. Last week especially was just plain terrible. It all started good. Mark's brother got married on the 28th. He had lots of extended family come in for the celebration. Since his mother's brothers both live in Maine and his father's siblings all live in Pennsylvania I haven't gotten many chances to get to know them. However the few encounters I've had have always been pleasant, and I had looked forward to spending time with them. I did get to spend time with some of them at the rehearsal dinner. So that was nice. But early morning of the 28th Ian woke up stomach sick. We made it through pictures well enough. And the boys all napped, so everyone but Mark was late to the service (Mark was a groomsman). We also made a quick appearance at the reception. I ended up taking Ian home early though because he still didn't feel well. It only got worse from there. He ended up with a stomach bug that last almost all of last week. No fun. Luckily he didn't give it to anyone. On Monday of last week I threw out my back and spend the rest of the week laid out flat. One of the doctors at our clinic is a trained physical therapist, so she has been helping me. Once we get the spasms to settle she wants me to work on building my core muscles. She says my weak core is the basis of my back pain. I'm hoping for a better week this week. So far so good. My mother and stepfather arrive tonight to stay through Friday. I'm excited to spend time with them and show off our home. Plus since I'm still sore and taking things slow I'll be glad for the extra help. Not that I haven't had lots of help. My mother-in-law was a godsend last week. Ian and Cai stayed over night for several of the nights and she took off several days to take care of kids. I feel so blessed to have family in town that are willing to help in any way possible. Okay so the whole point of this is that it will probably be another week before meal plans are back to normal around here. That being said I do have a few meals planned for this week, just not set to a certain day.

So here are a few things we are going to be eating this week

Monday- My sister-in-law cooked for us, for which I am so grateful.
Tuesday- Salsa chicken, with corn on the cob, and salad
Wednesday- Eat over at my in-laws, bring a side dish
The rest of the week- Zucchini pasta, groundnut stew, leftovers and easy to make meals if needed

Be sure to check out the menus at Organizing Junkie.


musical_bug said...

Hey, where do you find your recipes? I'm always looking for new and interesting yummy/healthy things to make! Love ya!

Kristin said...

I get alot of my recipes from Simply In Season cookbook and More with Less Cookbook. Some of my favorite online sites are Taste Of Home and Mennonite Girls can Cook. I have other cookbooks and blogs that I find good recipes and ideas from. But I think those are my most go to places.