Friday, July 22, 2011

Blueberries for Winter

 Last week my sister-in-law and I took the boys blueberry picking. Luckily the heat had yet to get really high and being that we went in the morning it was no too bad out. The boys had a great time. I was amazed at how many blueberries made it into Ian and Cai's buckets.

 Last summer only about 10 berries made it in before they started eating. This year both of them picked. Cai than ate all the berries he picked. And poor Ian lost most of his as he ran down the row. I was able to pick 8lbs so mama was happy with the whole trip. It was fun to listen to the boys talk and play together.

 In the beginning Rachel and I were telling the boys all the things we planned on doing with our blueberries to help excite them about picking. Not that we minded them eating as many as their little tummies would hold. After their attention started to get distracted we set the older three with the task of filling the bottom of on of the buckets. Ian was all excited about this job.

Every time his brother or cousin would eat or steal berries from the bucket he would scold them. "These are for winter" he would tell them. "If you don't pick blueberries, then there won't be any for winter." Have to admit it warmed Rachel and my heart to hear him. Sure we could get blueberries in the grocery store. But our boys don't know that. Blueberries come from the blueberry farm and if we don't store them now than there will not be any later. Makes me feel happy to think that not only is picking blueberries a fun activity but hopefully I'm teaching my kids important lessons on eating locally and seasonally.

  While a few of our berries were put in the fridge for eating, the majority were saved. I made a batch of jam and froze the rest. When Mark was taking out the cookie sheets with berries one them to the stand alone freezer, Ian asked what he was doing. "Well Mom is freezing these blueberries." Ian's response, "For Winter. Oh I remember" :) Oh I love that kid.

If anyone is interested I simply  use the recipe in the pectin box for making  jam. 

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