Friday, July 1, 2011

T-ball, big boy underwear and other random updates

I thought about trying to post several separate posts, but this is just easier. So call me lazy but you are going to get one big updating post.

Update #1- T-ball
Well T-ball has officially come to a close for the summer. Ian's last game was last week. He even got an award afterwards with his name on it. It was all very exciting- after the fact. We forgot a water bottle and Ian got cranky and won't play his teams last turn in the field. He's a stubborn kid when he wants to be. And it's so darn frustrating. While T-ball was fun, I'm so glad it's done. I'm ready to have my Saturday's back. In fact tomorrow we are headed to the Ft. Wayne Zoo to celebrate not having to be at the ball field. Well that and we have yet to have a chance to go since it opened in late April. Even with T-ball being over, our days of playing ball are not. We still play lots of ball in the yard. Of course with tennis tournaments airing on TV and Daddy starting his summer league the tennis rackets are starting to make an appearance more and more. Everyone needs a change of pace once and awhile. :)

Update #2 Cai's big boy underwear
Yep that's right. Cai is wearing big boy underwear and I couldn't be happier. After a week of wet shorts Mark and I spent a whole Saturday (June 18th) working one on one with him to sit down on his little potty. I put a waterproof tablecloth on the floor and we read books, watched tv and drank lots and lots of juice. We had two maybe three successes and several accidents. Sunday wasn't much better, but as a plus he demanded underwear when we tried to put a diaper on him to go to the zoo in the morning. Monday (June 20th) he was dry all day. :) It has been smooth since. Sure we still have the occasional accident, usually caused by Mom or Dad not getting him to a potty quick enough when we are away from home. But mostly he stays dry. I feel it is safe to say that we are officially down to only one is diapers. And I can admit that this fact makes me ecstatic! Really! Truly! Yeah for potty training. Or at least the results :)

Update # 3 words words and more words
Aiden at almost 20 months is starting to pick up more and more words. We now have the following
PawPaw (grandpa)
GraGra (grandma)
woof  (dog noise and thus dog)
chocho (train)
cawcawr (car, motorcycle, truck, etc)
Siyah (Josiah)
Oh (Oliver)
cacker (cracker)
Sure not all of them make sense if you're not around him daily, but hey he's slowly working toward verbal communication. Add in a sign to eat, drink, nurse and more and we have fairly good communication happening. Of course he brothers like to talk for him as well so that hinders his own verbal progress, but he'll get there. And even so, I really enjoy hearing him learn to vocalize and communicate.

Update #4 We put an offer on a house.
That's right we no only put on an offer, it was excepted! So we are now in the process of meeting with our bank to finalize getting an mortgage loan, getting an inspection set up, and meeting with LaCasa to finalize everything with our grant money. It's all very very exciting. The house was built in 1890. It has two bedroom upstairs and one down. Only one bathroom, but that's ok. Nice big fenced in backyard. One of the things I love about the house. Oh I'm so very very excited. The whole thing is terrifying (We Are Buying a HOUSE!), but very exciting at the same time. Wish us luck!

Final update #5 Mama duck nesting in yard
Yep, seems strange as we are not right next to the river. But Mama duck is nesting out the in ground covering below a tree in the front yard. Grandpa has made sure to have water and food for her. We keep checking to see if the eggs have hatched. I think my father-in-law said he counted six. We are still waiting. One more for thing to look forward to. :)

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