Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden veggies and a touch of home

We have had the pleasure of not only getting fresh produce from the Farmer's Market this year but also enjoying the harvest of my mother-in-law's garden. Lettuce and Snow Peas have been plentiful this summer, even with the rising temps. And now the green beans and tomatoes are starting to come in. :) It is a joy. Last night's dinner saw only vegetables from Grandma's garden. Salad with snow peas, yellow pear tomatoes, and red cherry tomatoes. Steamed green beans that I picked that afternoon. It was so much fun to serve that night what I had picked just an hour before. It makes me even more excited for next summer and my own garden. I'm already dreaming of the possibilities.
In addition to our yummy fresh veggies, a beautiful sunflower graced our table. A sweet reminder of home; of Kansas. This beautiful sunflower came from one of the booths at the market and I could not resist. I've slowly come to enjoy many things about Indiana. But I still miss home. I miss clear blue skies with no clouds and lots of sun. I miss golden wheat fields. And I miss sunflower fields. The green of corn and soybeans can be beautiful. But somehow I find myself finding it too green. Too lush. And I long for the golds and yellows of home. I long for open fields not bordered by thick trees. I miss Kansas, which (for now) still represents home.
I can feel grateful that I'm not there this summer. When the humid heat gets so unbearable that you feel like you're "breathing peanut butter" (words from one of Mark's buddies) I remind myself that it's not over 100 for the 11th or more day in a row. Small things to be thankful for.

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