Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- July 18th

Happy Monday! That sounds really cheery. I'm not really cheery today, but I'll try cause if you act happy you become happy right????? It's been a frustrating day today. But boys will be boys and add heat to that and you get all sorts of fun. Right now they are eating so hopefully with full tummies they will be content for awhile.  So last week we had pizza on Thursday instead of chicken stir-fry, cause there was no leftover chicken to put in the stir-fry. Whoops. I got to go out on Friday night for an all girls night with some women from church. It was a much needed break and so fun hanging out with these women who I'm starting to really truly admire. Making friends can be hard, but being accepting into their group has made things alittle easier. Saturday Mark and I went into South Bend for the afternoon without children!!!! And I got found a beautiful dress to where to the weddings I'm attending in August. Finally I got to go golfing on Sunday. This is the second time this summer and I am both loving getting to go and wishing I could find a way to go more often. Oh how I miss golf. Oh how I miss my golf game, playing only one a year means my game is really bad. But it was fun. And I even got par on one hole so that was nice. :) Ok enough rambling and on to our menu for the week. I'm cooking all week. My mother-in-law is going to be gone for a week starting Wednesday which leaves me to cook over the weekend. So here it is a full weeks menu. 

Monday: Great Green Vegetable Pasta (Simply in Season)
Tuesday: Super Stuffed Tortillas (Simply in Season)
Wednesday: Chicken Cacciatore (Simply in Season), oven roasted potatoes, veggie 
Thursday: Baked Pasta with Zucchini (The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces)
Friday:   Crustless Quiche (Simply in Season)    
Saturday:  Homemade Pizza using No Rise Pizza Crust  
Sunday: Chicken stir-fry or other leftover meal 

Be sure to check out Finding Joy in My Kitchen as she is hosting while Laura at Organizing Junkie is vacationing.  I don't have alot of links for recipes. Mostly I use my cookbooks. So I'm going to start adding what cookbook recipes are in as part of my menu. This way you at least know where I'm looking :) Stay Cool this afternoon. 


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