Monday, October 29, 2012

Dr Who and Halloween Parties

Every Halloween a friend of ours throws a Halloween party on the weekend closest to Halloween. This year it was Saturday Oct 27th. While kids are more then welcome to come, the last two years we have chosen to have someone watch our boys. Being that the party starts around 7pm and that is bed time around here it's just easier. Plus it's nice to hang out with others without worrying about tired kids. This year when I asked Mark what he would be, his response was The Doctor. Then of course came the decision as to which Doctor he should be, as there are 11 Doctors. Have no clue what I'm talking about. That's okay. I'll look over that and explain.
For those who are confused, the Doctor is the main character of the BBC TV series Doctor Who. Originally  running from 1963- 1989 (according to Wikipedia) it was relaunched in 2005. Mark and I started watching it alittle after moving to Goshen on Netfllixs. Although to be honest after about the first 4 episodes I have to stop watching. It was alittle to creepy for me. Mark really enjoys the series. I started watching again with him at the start of season 5 and the introduction to the 11th Doctor. It still is creepy at times. And I often read while the TV, paying only enough attention to know what's going on but tuning out when my brain can't handle the images. It works and I'm enjoying getting to partake in the love of Doctor Who. Anyway I digress.
 After looking at pictures of all the past Doctors, Mark decided he wanted to be the 11th. Sadly he cannot pull of the hair. But at the end of Season 5 the Doctor wears a fez. Problem solved. Of course that meant we needed to come up with a fez. But a quick google search and I'm done. While there were several links for making a fez, I liked this one the best. Tally's Treasury had not only a tutuiral for making a fez, she also had Doctor Who drinks. I so want to try them out. We decided against it for this party, but I'm thinking I might just need to come up with a reason to try them. ;)

We had ordered a tie and sonic screwdriver from Due to some complications it never made it here and is now on it's way back to the company. Take about a frustration. I love ThinkGeek and will probably continue to love the site. But right now I have not forgiven them. All was not lost though. Mark ordered a sonic screwdriver flashlight from Not as cool as the one I had ordered for him as it doesn't open up, but it still is neat and looks like the Doctors. I made him a bow tie. I found this great tutorial for making bow ties out of old straight ties. Mark happened to have a maroon tie he never wears (the tag was still on) that was similar in color to what he needed. Add a mop from the Dollar Tree, a new shirt, and a tweed jacket from Goodwill and he was set to go. Of course then we have to explain to everyone who he is. Sigh.

So I've explained what Mark went as, but what about me. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to dress as. But when I was looking at pictures of Dr Who costumes online I saw several costumes for the TARDIS. Again for those who have no clue, the TARDIS is the Doctors time machine. It looks like a British Police Call Box, think telephone booth for emergencies. Armed with a list of possibilities  I decided this on this option while out shopping for the boys and Mark's costumes.
 I found a blue dress, well actually it is a sleep shirt but it works as a dress.

 I then painted on the windows and front. I used printable iron ons for the notices. I ironed them on white felt and glued them to the dress.

 I then got black ribbon and iron on letters for the Police Call Box sign. Add a belt to give shape to the dress and make it look nice and voila! I'm done. :) Sure it took time, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.

The harder part of the hat. The TARDIS has a light on top that flashes when it travels. Mine doesn't flash but it does light up. I took a small canning jar that didn't have a lid. Used the cardboard off the top of a pizza box to create a base. But a circle in it to put the jar through

 Covered that in blue felt. Cut another base from the cardboard and a circle big enough to get to the bottom of my LED tea light, but small enough that the light could be hot glued to the cardboard and not fall through.

 Then hot glue the jar to that base around the tea light and glue the felt down.

 Add a felt top and paint to make it look like a lantern. Oh and don't forget the elastic to go around my head. Hot glue is my friend. Really it is. :)

 I'm pretty proud of this hat. All and all I think we look great! And despite having to explain our outfits, we had a great time at the party. I love Halloween.

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Allison said...

You always do such a great job with costumes, Kristin! I am so impressed by your light-up hat!